Extended Warranty Program

With today's shipping dilemma happening across the state, getting your broken devices repaired or replaced promptly can be a daunting task and especially inconvenient.  
HaulDash has the solution!   We are offering an exclusive repair and replacement warranty program for Chromebooks and Laptops.
HaulDash's Value Proposition for Chromebooks/ Laptops repair services are as follows:

    • World Class Customer Service - Full transparency and communication is our standard
    • We are a local company – Less than an hour from your schools
    • We will pick up and drop-off items in-person from your location – Say goodbye to 3rd party shipping
    • We fix all issues at our West Chicago facility - No outsourcing to 3rd parties
    • Low cost ($$) to protect your equipment - Compared to large/national service providers
    • 5 Day SLA  (90% of the time it's less)  – Pickup twice a week and drop off fixed equipment twice a week
    • Save on parts, skills, and effort - NO need for in-house repairs 
    • Free up valuable time - allow your internal IT team to do other important work 
*We have applied all of the above with success at other organizations in your area.
Contact me to discuss this program or our e-recycling services!

Sara Weidel

Logistic Director

(203) 202-4471

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